Michael Sung

Managing Director

 Dr. Michael Sung has an extensive background in technology in the semiconductor and electronics industries as well as established history of entrepreneurialism. He is a principal founder in a number of funded companies, including Advanced Diamond Energy, a material-focused solar green energy company. He is also principal founder of Advanced Diamond Solutions, an IP company which develops diamond technologies related to the manufacture of synthetic diamond and composite materials, diamond coatings, and diamond semiconductor products. Before starting Advanced Diamond, he was the lead researcher for the Human Design and Wearable Computing Group at the MIT Media Lab, with a research focus in developing future physiologic and contextual sensing systems and other wearable computing technologies. Michael is an expert in the areas of computer architecture, VLSI, statistical pattern recognition, biomedical electronics, and electronic systems design, having significant research background at the MIT Laboratory of Computer Science and industrial experience at SGI, Inc, where he worked for many years in the microprocessor, supercomputing, and media processing divisions serving various design and verification engineering roles. Michael received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT and a financial engineering degree from the MIT Sloan School of Business.